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Lionheart Financial Services is a Professional accounting firm that offers a variety of financial services for you and your business needs.  We approach each of our clients hands-on, with high levels of profession, consistency and individual attention.  We consult with you on your business needs and offer tailored solutions packages.

Our Core Values


To produce accurate results in accordance with legislation.


To maintain a high level of satisfactory and dependable service to our clients.


To make use of the latest technology and services available, to service clients with ease

Our Services

Bookkeeping / Accounting Services

Bank Reconciliation, Bank Statements, Supplier & Customer Invoices, etc…

Individual and Business Tax Services

Company Tax, Provisional Tax, Estate Tax, Capital Gains Tax, Personal Tax, etc…

Payroll Services

Full payroll administration, Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly…

Preparation of Annual Financial Statements

Financial Audits, Forensic Auditing, Legislation Audits, Verifications, etc…

Company Registrations

Company Name Registrations, CC, (Pty) Ltd etc . . .

Secretarial Services

CIPC Annual Submssions, Amendments, Share Register and Certificates, Resolutions, etc…

Tax Registrations

Individual and Company Tax Registrations etc. . .

VAT/PAYE/UIF/WCA Registrations

Company VAT Registrations, PAYE Registrations, UIF, WCA etc. . .​

Trust Registrations

Company Trust Registrations and more etc . . .

Lionheart Financial Services was created so we could help entrepreneurs with the finance, compliance and tax aspects of their businesses. Assisting them with a hands-on approach, so they can focus on the growing of their business.

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We have helped alot of companies with their financials

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